Novedades CERIS (Comunidad de Usuarios de Seguridad Europea) y próximas jornadas

Seguridad Civil para la Sociedad

Following the announcement made in March at the occasion of the last DRS event, we are pleased to confirm the organisation of three successive virtual workshops on the 15-17 June along the scope below. To register, please click on the following link: CERIS - DRS Workshops - New Registration (, where you will be able to opt for one or more workshops. These meetings are primarily focused on gathering newly funded projects (issued from the 2020 call of the Civil Security for Society Horizon Europe programme) and running H2020 projects that have been active in establishing clusters for exchanging information and building synergies. The aim is to give access to a wide audience about the project’s perspectives in the light of the current H2020 developments. In this respect, DRS projects will be individually invited to participate in the events, which will be opened to other (e.g. capacity-building) projects active in the areas below:

  • 15 June 2022 (10-12h30) – Societal Resilience – Projects in the area of “Increased Risk Awareness and Preparedness of Citizens”
  • 16 June 2022 (10-12h30) – Strengthened Capacities of First Responders – Projects in the area of “Pre-hospital Life Support and Triage”
  • 17 June 2022 (10-12h30) – Projects in the area of CBRN-E, including a report from the Lille Conference and recent exercises

You are also encouraged to save the date of 14-16 September 2022 for a three days hybrid DRS event (meeting in person & on-line participation) on the DRS sub-thematic areas (Societal resilience, Disaster risk management, Technologies for first and second responders). Projects will be invited to contribute to this event along the same principle and format as the March event, i.e. co-organising / co-chairing with the Commission. Please also note that a hybrid workshop (in person & on-line) is scheduled on the 13 September under the coordination of the ETH Zürich Risk Center, which will be part of the CERIS discussion package with a focus on Disaster Resilience and Insurance (Disaster risks, resilience and insurance for extreme threats and increased need for public-private-partnerships involving insurers).