New services available in the Funding & Tenders portal

Horizonte Europa

Two new services are available in the Funding & Tenders portal:

  • Individual users can now launch a search for partners for new proposals (so far this was possible only at organisation level). Find a call topic of your interest and post there an expertise offer or request. Other interested users will be able to contact you for discussing your ideas. See here for more guidance.
  • Beneficiaries in grants providing for financial support to third parties (‘cascade funding’) can now register their cascade calls for proposals directly in a web form. Log in to the Portal, go to ‘My projects’, select the concerned project and choose the action ‘Manage cascade funding calls’. Once you submitted it, your project officer will be alerted and approve it. All cascade calls will then become available in the standard funding opportunities page, providing thus a much higher visibility for your calls. See here for more guidance.